Monday, April 11, 2005

First Wins and Facial Hair

Theory #1: The Mets, who have been planning all along to provide a lot of entertainment this year, wanted only their loyal supporters aboard at the season's start. And what better way to weed out the wimps than to drop five straight, right? Force the diehards to look for the positive in Kaz's first outing (only two hits allowed; Kaz is on pace to give up a mere 60 hits this year--that's a Cy Young stat, friends) or Heilmann's pinch start in Atlanta (dearest Aaron was the first Mets pitcher to toss a scoreless first inning in '05). Then, when I'm not looking, the Mets reel off a terrific two-game winning streak (yes, after opening 0-5 you get to call back-to-back wins "streaks"). Now that they've shaken off the casual fans, the Mets can get down to business. (Yes, that may very well be the scent of 'wishful thinking' wafting through your room/office at the moment.)

Theory #2: There's one surefire way to know when the Mets have hit rock bottom: when one or more players begin to gripe about the way Randolph runs his clubhouse. As my wife pointed out, Willie sports a moustache but frowns on his troops having facial hair. If (and I'll refrain from adding "when") things bottom out, the backpages will be overrun with comments about Willie's double standards.

Theory #3: You must be a diehard if you're reading a blog devoted to a 2-5 team. You're accumulating kharma points faster than you can possibly realize.

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