Monday, April 04, 2005

I Blame it on Canada

So I wanted to make this post before the season started, but Blogger had some problems, so I look like the guy that is slacking on this daily diary already. Damn technology.

In any case, it is just before the first pitch of the season, and a co-worker has asked how I think the Mets will do. The short version: .500 ball would be a great season. The long version: I expect either Pedro Martinez or Carlos Beltran to break down, Mike Piazza to get hurt again, and Tom Glavine to never get close to 300 wins. After having optimism--which is rare as a fan of the Mets and the Red Sox--from 1998 to 2001, I don’t expect anything out of my team. Taking that attitude will make it that much sweeter when they exceed expectations.

I do expect this running commentary to get better, but I had to write about the Juno Awards until midnight last night, so I’m a bit fried. More to come after the game.

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