Wednesday, June 01, 2005

5/31 - Diamondbacks 7, Mets 0

This was a downright ugly game for our Metropolitians--Carlos Beltran was exceedingly rusty, Jose Reyes made another boneheaded defensive play that ended up costing two runs and Mr. Koo just plain sucked. For last night's game I decided to do laundry and listen to WFAN and one of the best announcing teams in the business, Gary Cohen and Howie Rose. These two are obviously long-time Mets fans, but they're not blinded by their love for the team like some "home rooters." And they always come up with interesting (and usually funny) non-baseball topics to discuss during the game. Last night included:

--Cohen making a a comment about the weather being "perfectly clear," to which Rose responded, "that's a good term to use on the day we discover the identity of 'Deep Throat.'"

--Cohen talking about the crazy facial hair of Diamondbacks coach Brett Butler, who was well known for being clean-shaven during his playing days.

--And best of all, Cohen and Roses discussing which type of orange juice they drink after reading a spot about what orange juice futures closed at yesterday. (They both prefer it without pulp.)

I've already got some new batteries lined up for the walkman for tonight.

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