Sunday, June 26, 2005

6/25 - Mets 10, Yankees 3

Cliff Floyd has definitely recaptured his swing of April and early May. Both of his home runs in this game were majestic, no-doubt-about-it shots. And the Yankees looked so bad fielding and pitching-wise yesterday that for the first time ever in a Subway Series, I knew no comeback was coming. I left my house when it was 7-2 to go to a concert in Brooklyn's Prospect Park with no doubt in my mind that the Mets would win. That is an odd feeling.

A sweep at Yankee Stadium would be great, but somehow I think Randy Johnson is going to come back with a great game in the wake of his last start against Tampa Bay, and his especially memorable last start against the Mets. ("Now pinch-hitting, Mr. Koo?")

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