Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Viva Shea!

Steve and I agree on an alarming number of topics (we'll both look you in the eye and tell you that Rolling Rock is a good beer, for example), but we part company when it comes to Shea Stadium. The Mets do not need a new stadium. I like Shea. I want it to stay. Granted, Shea has problems but none of them would be solved with a new stadium.

Current problem #1: Flushing, Queens is an eyesore.
Impact of a new stadium: None, Flushing will remain a place people drive through quickly.

Current problem #2: Shea is near LaGuardia Airport, there are flights streaming overhead throughout every game.
Impact of a new stadium: None, LaGuardia will continue to specialize in air travel.

Current problem #3: Fans don't go to Shea because it's outdated.
Impact of a new stadium: None, new stadiums don't increase fan interest in teams. Ask the Tigers or Pirates. Winning draws fans. Ask a ticket taker whenever Pedro starts.

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