Wednesday, June 08, 2005

6/7 - Mets 3, Astros 1

"The disappointment is tangible. You can almost reach out and touch it." -- WFAN's Howie Rose in the bottom of the 7th after Pedro Martinez's no hitter was broken up.

Yes Mets fans, 6903 games (that's regular and post-season combined) and this team still has not had a no hitter. And if not for one bad pitch to Astros rookie Chris Burke, it truly seemed like Pedro Martinez was going to throw one last night. I must admit, after the third inning I was afraid to move from where I was sitting at the laundromat because I feared I might upset the no-no. I've said it before, and I'll say it again--Pedro Martinez is the best free agent the Mets have ever signed, and he makes them a team worth paying attention to again. His next start is Sunday against the Angels.

On a side note, while cooking dinner post-Pedro gem I was watching the Twins-Diamondbacks game, and Mark Grace used Tom Seaver's favorite term for a hanging pitch--"Right down Broadway." So of course I chugged what was left of my Rolling Rock.

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