Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Off Day Digest: The Waiting is the Hardest Part...

So seven years after first unveiling plans for a new stadium for the Mets, Fred Wilpon finally gets his wish. Of course, just like most things with the Mets, many other things had to fall through for this deal to go through. But even though Queens and the Mets got treated like second class citizens in the current stadium merry-go-round in the metro area for so many years, I’m not going to complain. Shea Stadium, for all the great moments that I’ve witnessed there, is a dump, and having a new stadium will make those late April bone-chilling games that much easier to take. And the fact that it’s the most financially sound deal for us -- the taxpayers -- out of the monstrosity planned for the West Side of Manhattan, the new Yankee Stadium and Bruce Ratner’s rathole in Brooklyn is even better.

Oh, and the best part is that Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his fucking lackey, Daniel Doctoroff, had to come crawling to Queens to make their Olympic dreams happen. When July 6th rolls around and New York is turned down in its bid (making EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW IN NEW YORK HAPPY THE OLYMPICS WILL NOT BE COMING HERE), I will be having a drink in honor of Bloomburg’s folly that got my team a new stadium, finally.

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