Thursday, June 30, 2005

That's Six Out of Nine, Folks

Today's game was marked by the pleasantly expected--namely, Pedro overcoming a rocky start to pick up another win--the pleasantly unexpected--the bullpen picking up huge double plays in the seventh and eighth innings--and the freakishly unexpected--Cliff Floyd dropping a bunt down the left side of the infield when the Phillies put on the shift. Carlos Beltran stole two bases, but I'm not sure where to categorize that.

As for Steve's All-Star question, I agree that Pedro and Cliff deserve the honor. I'd vote for Roberto Hernandez, too. Though set up guys tend to be named to the All-Star game only when no one else on their team is close to making the cut. I'm also wondering how much validity there is to the rumors of a Mike Cameron-for-Gary Sheffield trade between the Mets and Yankees. As someone who thinks that clubhouse chemistry is vastly overrated--teams that win find a way to get along--I think it's a good move for the Mets; they need the lift Sheffield's bat would bring.

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