Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nearly Coming to Blows Poolside

Allie and I are lucky in many ways, but none moreso than having a pool in our apartment complex. On a day like today, 90 and muggy, the dogs reduced to panting piles of fur, there's nothing better than a couple thousand gallons of water to toss yourself into. Even if you have to dodge several games of Marco Polo in order to cool off and block out the sounds of screaming toddlers when trying to relax as you dry off. Approaching the pool area we exchanged pleasantries with a family of four. It started off as nice, neighborly stuff. The mom and dad said hello and the daughter smiled, but things turned ugly when the boy, who was about eight and wearing a Yankees cap, caught sight of my Mets hat. The kid just scowled, making no effort to hide his contempt for another lowly Mets fan. He held my stare for a good five-count, looking at me like I held his family at gun point. Allie noticed it too. I teach elementary school for a living and I've never seen a look like that before. Lucky for me the kid kept walking. He'd made his point, and I suppose he hated last night's game as much as I loved it. I was ready to jump ship when Jeter send Pedro's second pitch of the night over the centerfield fence, but then Pedro settled in, giving up just one more run through eight innings. He wasn't great, chalking up a mere three strikeouts, but the Mets' defense picked him up, especially in the outfield. In some ways I think Jeter's home run helped the Mets. Usually the Yankees are very patient with Pedro, making him throw a lot of pitches, wearing him down. But the Yanks were more aggressive last night, swinging early in the count, hoping Jeter was onto something. I think the Mets can take two of three in this series. I realize that means for the rest of the summer I'll have to look over my shoulder when I go to the pool, but it'll be worth it.

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