Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Viva Shea--A Counterpoint

Besides Rolling Rock being a great beer, Mike and I also agree that Young Fresh Fellows and The Figgs are two of the most underrated bands ever; Barry Bonds is an asshole; comics books have a lot to offer and stapling Zisk is a bitch. And I must admit that I do like Shea very much (why else would I always sit in the upper deck unless the tickets were free) and have nothing but great memories associated with that hunk of concrete and metal. (Doc Gooden’s 20th in 1985 and the season closer in 1999 are the first ones that come to mind.) I just think Mets fans deserve a stadium that is better than average. I mean, the only baseball stadium I’ve been to that’s in worse shape is RFK down in D.C. Dodger Stadium is older, yet it is in infinitely better shape (and it’s not just because of the great weather, I’m convinced of that). Shea looks shitty and feels shitty when you sit down in an uncomfortable plastic seat--that’s why people stand for the T-shirt launch. And with the Yankees about to build their own stadium, do we Mets fans need to have that rubbed in our face as well? No fucking way. Fuck them and I hope Steinbrenner doesn’t live to see their new stadium.

So let’s look at what Mike’s problems are with Shea:

Current problem #1: Flushing, Queens is an eyesore.
Non-problem #1: Flushing, Queens is not an eyesore. The area around Yankee Stadium, now that’s an eyesore (except for the bowling alley). The area around Giants Stadium is even worse, and likely has bodies wearing cement shoes floating near it.

Current problem #2: Shea is near LaGuardia Airport, there are flights streaming overhead throughout every game.
Non-problem # 2: I’m halfway deaf, so this has never bothered me. The players that complain are just wimps, as are the fans. New York is loud--get used to it.

Current problem #3: Fans don't go to Shea because it's outdated.
Non-problem #3: Fans don’t go to Shea because the team stinks. The Mets have broken 3-million in attendance twice--in 1987, the year after they won the World Series, and in 1988 when they won the NL East. The team didn’t even come close to that figure again until--you guessed it--1999 (Wild Card with 2.7-million) and 2000 (World Series with 2.8-million). Attendance has dipped steadily since then…right along with the Mets record.

I suppose we could debate this all summer (I’m sure other people will do the same), but I think we can agree on one thing--the Mets will never have to vacate their new stadium because of the Olympics. Fuck you Mr. Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg.

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