Monday, June 06, 2005

6/5 - Giants 6, Mets 3 (Gm 1) / Mets 12, Giants 1 (Gm 2)

This doubleheader seemed to sum up the Mets season so far--crappy pitching and hitting one game, outstanding defense, hitting and pitching the next. In Game 1 Kaz Ishii looked like he was serving up batting practice, with hits going all over the place (including a bases-clearing double by Giants pitcher Brett Tomko). Fortunately all of those bad thoughts were washed away in the nightcap where Carlos Beltran set the tone by gracefully robbing Michael Tucker of a home run. Then the Mets decided to get home run happy themselves, with Cliff Floyd blasting two of them, David Wright adding to his ever growing resume and Victor Diaz crushing one that landed somewhere out on Long Island.

On the minus side, how much longer can Kaz Matsui being the fans whipping boy before he completely loses any confidence he has left?

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