Friday, June 03, 2005

Otto Knows Best

Like Steve said below, everything went well for the Mets last night with Mike Cameron's catch being the standout play. Two nights ago, when he leaped against the rightfield fence to steal a homerun, Cameron played it cool, keeping a serious, business-as-usual expression until he reached the dugout. But last night, Cameron was grinning from ear to ear as soon as he made eye contact with fellow outfielder, Carlos Beltran. Then he burst into laughter as he passed Pedro en route to the dugout. The good feelings were contagious. It was one of those nights that had me swearing the Mets are contenders. At school today I was talking with the custodian, Otto, also a Mets fan, about how the Mets look like world beaters one day and chumps the next. Otto hit it on the head, saying he loves the Mets but he'd never bet on them because they're so unpredictable.

The only thing that makes a Mets win sweeter is when the Yankees lose, and seeing the Pinstripes get swept by the Royals is pure bliss. It's gotten to the point where the three diehard Yankee fans in my class, kids who never lost faith in their team during last year's ALCS, have all agreed to take a one week break from the Yankees. One's going to root for the Nationals, another is going with the White Sox, and the third, now my favorite and a shoo-in for great grades on his upcoming report card, is switching to the Mets.

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