Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: The Blahs

Well, that was ugly. I can't believe I watched most of it. This Mets team is just maddening. Greg and Jason at Faith and Fear in Flushing have nailed it on the head--this team is just not likable. Maybe its due to my own high standards after 2006, but I just can't feel invested in this batch of guys, many of whom seemed to have slipped past their sell date. Even doing this blog is definitely not as much fun as it has been in the past.

Maybe we need a shot of Pedro? Who knows. At least Gary and Keith had some fun...

--Keith awards medals at will:
(Gary mentions that Bobby Cox got ejected once again from a game to set the major league record.)
Keith: He'll be going into the Hall of Fame--that'll be on his plaque.
Gary: You think???!!!
Keith: Yeah, its like his purple heart.
Gary: (Laughs) You know, on the Braves telecasts they keep an open mic next to where Cox is in the dugout, and you hear him complain about every single pitch.
Keith: He's...(pauses)...tough on umpires.

--Keith and Ron are psychically linked
(A replay i sshowing a ball being thrown from left field to the Pirates third basemen)
Keith: It goes to the cutoff man--Hello, there's a runner on first base.
Gary: (Chuckles) You know, Ron dropped a McFly on the Marlins Sunday. (Pauses) Hello, McFly!
Keith: It's been a long time since I saw that movie.
Gary: Back to the Future
Keith: Yeah, its been a while since I thought about it. He really said that?
Gary: Yeah, that's why I totally thought you were going to drop a McFly on me.
Keith: No, I totally forgot that.

Well Keith, there's a lot I'd like to forget about this season.


Anonymous said...

I actually do like this team quite a lot-- or maybe I like just about all the players a lot. I like this team the most of any MEts team in years. And I feel bad when they don't do well.

Right now I am feeling a good bit better about the Carloses, but am very bummed about Shawn Green. I feel very much that he's a much better player than we're seeing now-- hell, a much better hitter anyway. I wish he would go on a tear. I know he's not in his first youth, but I was really hoping he had a couple more years in him. I get such a nice, decent, stable vibe off him, I would really like him to go out on a high. At least not to kind of peter out with us, and get picked up by another team, then suddenly get a second wind with them.

Jonah said...

ouch, figgs. it's true, this isn't the 2006 "win every third home game by coming from behind for a walkoff" mets.

greg and jason make some enticing points, and it's easy to feel after a middling season that we should have blown the NL east away and that the carloses should be hitting better and that we could really use endy and duaner.

just a reminder though, i'm a born and bred fan of the oakland a's, and it's not only because i can't see their games and we're 12 games back that my allegiance is shifting. when i was lived in minnesota, did i become a twins fan? of course not -- only partially due to the fact that they play in a goddamn air conditioned dome with a baseball-colored fabric ceiling.

no, i'm going to have to disagree with you and greg and jason on this. these mets are the real thing, i think in large part *because* of their struggles. while most fans dream of it, i don't think we want to root for the '27 yankees. we want an underdog, a team that has to push through hardships and manage through lean times.

even afer months in first place, this team still hasn't proved themselves. now it's time. to take by storm the division -- but also all of our hearts. and by god i think they can.