Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Crazy's Keith's Corner: It Was in the Cards

By the time I finally got to sit down to watch Mets-Braves Part deux (wow, commuting after a rainstorm can be fun, especially on a day when a tornado landed a hop, skip and a jump away) it was already the bottom of the 8th. And after Alou's blast and Wagner's escape, I'm kind of glad I only saw a full inning. My brain couldn't take much more after a day like today.

Yet even with just one inning, Keith, Ron and Gary know how to bring it for the blog. Keith got it rolling when fans started tossing the SNY trading cards...

Keith: There go the cards. Those aren't flashbulbs folks.
Ron: I thought they'd at least take some home to use for beer coasters.
Gary: Well, I think its just my card guys.
Ron: I think its all of our cards--those people are just hanging onto the Julie Donaldson one.
Keith: I've still got mine.

Keith loves the ladies...

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And vice versa. :P