Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: I Gotta Get a DVR

I definitely need to start recording some of these night games. Keith, Ron and Gary were all amped up last night. Maybe it was the past two losses that made them looser than usual.

Let's not talk about those loses (although I don't blame Wagner for Friday's). I don't need an ulcer. Let's talk about how Moises Alou's batting stance reminded Ron how he ruined his uncle's wedding photos when he was a knock kneed kid; how Keith needs to lose five pounds because Rusty Staub was in town for a visit and they "binged" on wine; or how when Gary mentioned Keith having a lost weekend with Rusty that Ron's first thoughts were about Harry Nilsson and May Pang.

In other words, let's go crazy.

--A SNY camera caught Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez with a cut on the bridge of his nose. Gary decides to explain:
Gary: Freddi Gonzalez has a scar on his nose. He walked into a plate glass window at a Starbucks today.
Keith: I've done that.
Gary: I'm sure--and I bet it was late at night too.

--After Kevin Burkhardt does a report from the photo pit, Gary comments on his non-SNY pullover during a oddly cool August night:
Gary: So Kevin, when did you get promoted to security supervisor?
(All three in booth laugh)
Kevin: Hey, I'm talented. I could do two jobs at once. Just watch for me to throw someone out.

--Keith only cares if he understands:
Keith: I know I'm getting technical here, but if you don't understand it, well, sorry.

--Keith is amazed that Gary has a good memory for player and game details...or at least can read the media guide updates:
Keith: You never cease to amaze me Gary.
Gary: Well, the feeling is mutual, Keith

--However, Keith doesn't inspire the same confidence when recalling a tidbit of trivia:
Gary: Excellent recall Keith.
Keith: I know, that's rare.
Gary: Yeah, if that's right! (all laugh)

--And Keith's plan to lose five pounds went the way of most diets:
Ron: A lot of foul balls up here tonight.
Keith: Was it up here?
Ron: It was close
Keith: I missed it.
Ron: You're our Gold Glove guy, you're supposed to catch it.
Keith: But I was eating my ice cream, that's more important.
Gary: I thought you weren't going to have ice cream tonight?
Ron: Hey, he lasted four innings.


Anonymous said...

Ackshelly, Ron had no excuse, he's a Gold Glove guy, too.

Anonymous said...

PS I bet it wasn't Starbucks, either. :P

Anonymous said...

PPS Is that EE-ther or EYE-ther? I always get that wrong. :P