Thursday, August 23, 2007

On the Plus Side...

...the Phillies and Braves once again lost.

Holy crap, this series would have been fun to watch if you were a fan of baseball but had no rooting interest in Padres or Mets. Why is it that now the spark seems to be there offensively, defensively and with the bench--and now the pitching goes in the crapper. Ugh.

Maybe the Mets just need to play on the road all the time.


Anonymous said...

Cue Roseanne Rosannadanna-- Because it's ALWAYS SOMETHING.

I guess I'm going to be incredibly unpopular, but I absolutely hate the shitstorm hitting Degado and Green. It's part of being a fan I feel incredibly uncomfortable with.

I don't mind showering abuse on anyone on another team, mind you. I will happily abuse Roger Clemens from morning til night. Chipper Jones, Milton Bradley, Cole Hamels, the list goes on. But I get almost physically sick when I hear people boo our own guys.

Especially guys like Green and Delgado, guys with such dignified, classy bearing-- probably also out of style in a city that loves sparkplugs. But do people really think that guys like that go out there wanting to suck? Do they think they want to go out there and not earn their money, not help the team, not end their careers on high notes, and go to the postseason?

So play them or don't play them-- I wish they would both bust out and go on tears, but maybe they can't. But I just don't find that means that they deserve to be treated by Mets fans the same way as it would be perfectly natural to treat that little punk Cole Hamels.

Anonymous said...

PS Still LMAO at Kevin Burkhart stringing Mr. Met and the Party Patrol last night, AND Gary and Ron's reactions. Doesn't Kevin have the best job in the whole world?

Also over the past couple of days, Ron's and Gary's reaction to Keith's snubbing on the bogus Rawlings All-Gold Glove Team-- hs to be bogus is Keith's not acknowledged, after all. Was it Wednesday that Ron said "Keith would be throwing Tootsie-
Pops all over the stadium" ?

Cute, too, that Ron offered a wonderful, passionate, yet clearly-reasoned argument for Keith as Best First Baseman Ever-- then hoped that Keith gets his afternoon naps in for the coming road trip. ;)