Wednesday, August 08, 2007


So a former Mets gives up 756...and the guy who came up with the ball was wearing a Reyes jersey? What gives in the city by the bay?

(That seemed better than writing about another fucking loss to the Braves. Keith and Ron said some funny shit, but I just don't feel like digging out my notebook to transcribe it. Maybe tomorrow, a.k.a. later today.)

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Anonymous said...

My neighborhood pretty much got creamed by the tornado (WTF!?) so I'm dealing with that. I remember that they said some funny stuff, but not what it was. What was the deal with Keith and the hefty guy in the orange t-shirt in the stands?

I do remember that Andruw Jones make a nice play in center, and Keith said it was "a mere bag of shells." Ralph Kramden lives!

Actually, I'm starting to think that Keith is really Homer Simpson with a mustache. Wait, let me fire up Photoshop!