Thursday, August 23, 2007

No Poetry, No Zeppelin References

Steve, yes, please, unleash the full brunt of your Krakatoa like fury on Mota. Take Wagner too. Maybe Delgado. Oh for 13 with a walk. I'd have added Green to the list of the underachieving but he's pardoned, at least for now, because of those two runs he punched in tonight. Plus, Milledge is getting more playing time in right so that, the reduced playing time, is punishment enough for Shawn. (Steve, you can be harsh, viscious even. Mel Rojas? That's below and through the belt.) I'm reluctant to say this, but toss Willie in the mix. This club is not playing like a Randolph team. No spark, no flair, and he's let that go on for a long time. It's amazing that they've been in first place for nearly 100 days--weak competition certainly helps--but this doesn't look like a team that's going deep into October. When you beat a pitcher like Chris Young in the opening game of a series, you have to take that series, especially at home, and that's true even when the Padres can start a guy as good as Jake Peavy in the second game. As others have said, I like the individuals on this team, which makes their ho-hum collective personality all the more perplexing.

It's now the top of the tenth as I write. Were this last year I'd have nary a single doubt in my mind as to who would win. And with '05 Mets I would have had doubts about the ability to comeback but not their desire to do so. I'll take a team with heart over a team with talent any day. Isn't that why we love the Mets and loathe those creeps across town?

Hmm, Heilman gives up another homerun? Steve, scratch Wagner from your list, he'll bounce back, pencil in Heilman.

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