Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: So Easy, Keith Could Do It

Our hero Mr. Hernandez was back in the booth last night--and the Geico caveman was in the "Dream Seats," making Gary, Keith and Ron cackle:

Kevin Burkhardt: So does that ad in the airport still upset you?
Caveman: That's not me in that commercial--do you think we all look alike? This interview is over.

--Keith is okay with losing out to Wes Parker for the All-Time Gold Glove team
Keith: I was crestfallen. Oh well. There's always next year.
Gary: You mean the 51st anniversary team?
Ron: You've got 25 more years in you, you could make the 75th.

--Gary knows a different brand of German
(Gary and Keith talk about Dodgers pitcher Joe Beimel and his German last name)
Gary: I believe Beimel is German for "Cutting your hand on a shot glass."

--Keith likes cereal
(After David Wright made his third amazing defense play of the night)
Keith: Whatever David had in his Wheaties today, keep doing it!

The weekend games are FOX and ESPN (sounds like WFAN time Sunday night--F Joe Morgan). But as a treat, Ralph Kiner is going to join Tim McCarver during the third inning of the FOX game today in a reunion of the Mets broadcast team of 1983 to 1994. If anything funny happens (yeah, right) I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

hey figgss.. long time reader, first time commentor

ever see this? i'm keith hernandez - the movie

Anonymous said...

What was even funnier was the riffing after the Caveman-- Ronnie sniffing that the Gecko is politer than the caveman, and Keith piggybacking the the Gecko is more evolved than the Caveman. ;)

Anonymous said...

PS: I can't believe I forgot this, because this was another Ron Darling spit-take moment:

No. 1 sign that Ronnie has been in New York for too long-- his use of the Sicilianism "U-gotz" on the air. A colloquial pronunciation of "un cazzo"-- meaning "nothing," or literally-- "dick."