Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Say a "Holy Cow!" in His Honor

Obviously people who read Zisk know I'm not a Yankee fan, but this is still sad news.

Yankee games on WPIX Channel 11 (shown on WTEN in Albany) were the only games I got to watch outside the NBC Game of the Week (Albany stations didn't show the Mets until the late 90s), so I was pretty familiar with the Yankee teams of the 70s and early 80s. And Rizzuto was a hoot to listen to as a kid. I never understood why they didn't bring him back like the Mets did with Ralph Kiner.

Oh, and Scooter was a great pitchman too.


Anonymous said...

When they had a "day" for him at Yankee Stadium, several years ago, the sportswriters brought out onto the field an actual Holy Cow. That's right, a cow, They stuck a halo on her horns.

Jonah said...

thanks for that video... it's nice to know someone else uses my filing system: push it off the desk and hope it goes away.