Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Who Needs Him When We Have Hall of Famers?

Keith was off today (gearing up for Pittsburgh I suppose) and shockingly the Mets did not take the day off, unlike much of this summer. Two quotes from today's broadcast sum it up pretty well:

"There's a cloud surrounding this team right now, and its not just about wins and losses. Players not talking to the media after games, players leaving games under mysterious circumstances and some very lackluster play is normal now." --Gary Cohen after the Mets botched a pickoff throw and then a throw to second.

"Hello McFly, Hello!" -- Ron Darling (Even though he said it about the Marlins, it still could apply to the Mets)

10-4 win that was much closer than it looks notwithstanding, the ceremony for Tom Glavine was nice and at times a bit cheesy. But it did lead to Hall of Famers Tom Seaver and Ralph Kiner being in the booth with Gary and Ron. I could have listened all day to them...

--Tom Seaver's brain is a bit fuzzy
Gary: It was just over 22 years ago, August 4th, 1985 you won [your 300th].
Tom: You got a good memory--I can't remember what I had for breakfast.

--Tom and Ralph could take their act on the road
(Tom talked about having a complete game for his 300th win at Yankee Stadium, and White Sox temp manager Dave Duncan telling him on the mound during a jam that "50,000 people would kill me if I took you out.")
Ralph: If it was during today's game, they definitely would have taken you out.
Tom: Or they would have put me away for murdering him. (All laugh)

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Anonymous said...

Remember that Duncan was managing because LaRussa had already been thrown out of that game
(Seaver's 300th win, which was against the Yankees-- I remember, my brother and dad and I watched that game together, and we were in hysterics)

Seaver and LaRussa didn't always get along. LaRussa once came to the mound to tell Seaver he was bringing in someone who could field bunts better, and Seaver said "If I lost every start for the next five years, I'd still be over .500-- Do you think I got here because I can't field a f***ing bunt?"