Monday, August 27, 2007

It's Just Me, Right?

How to Win - Mets 2007 version

--Avoid direct competition with teams over .500 (NL Central teams are the best)
--Keep "M" pitchers off the mound (Mota and, lately, and it kills me to say this, Maine; hopefully Pedro snaps this)
--Do not ever, but especially when either Beltran is hitting or when the team is down four runs, try to steal third base
--Sliding into first should probably be erased from the "To Do" list, too

Finally, a general note for the readers of this blog--take Steve's entries in proper doses. His need to rant is rubbing off on me. Anyone else noticed this effect? In their own behavior, that is, I don't expect you're monitoring my in-game, at-home monologues.

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