Monday, April 17, 2006

The M&M Mets: Pedro’s Record - And a Horrible Record

200 wins.

You know, there have been times that it took the Mets three seasons to total up that many wins. And now Pedro Martinez has reached that milestone. You could feel the electricity through the TV from Shea every time Pedro got to two strikes. Hell, it felt like September baseball against the Braves tonight, and even though Pedro isn’t into mid-season form yet, it’s obvious that this man knows how to rise to the occasion. It wasn’t a perfect 6 and 2/3 innings, but it didn’t need to be with the growing in stature every day bullpen combo of Duaner Sanchez and Billy Wagner. This is a game last year that Pedro would have left with a lead and someone would have blown it. Not this year.

(Hang on, let me go crack a beer in celebration. Ah, that’s better.)

10-2. Still the best Mets start ever. The first time any team has opened a 5 game lead in just 12 games, EVER. I haven’t felt this positive about the Mets since they beat St. Louis in the NLCS in 2000. But there’s something different about this team than the Leiter-Piazza-Alfonzo era. There’s a confidence, something intangible I get from watching these guys play. It’s that swagger and playfulness that Pedro had all last season that seems to have infected the rest of the team now. David Wright has his first off night (5 runs stranded)? No problem, Xavier Nady will get 3 hits and drive in 2. Carlos Beltran out with a hamstring issue? Carlos Delgado just about breaks the right field scoreboard with a 2 run shot.

And now being a Mets fan, I must look for the dark lining--besides Cliff Floyd injuring his rib cage tonight.


(Still thinking…)

Oh, yeah, Kaz Matsui is almost done with rehab, and he’ll be back on the roster soon. This can bring nothing but bad karma. And speaking of bad, check out the new Mets theme song: "Our Team Our Time."

I’m sorry, but this is even worse than the 1986 vintage "Let’s Go Mets." The production for "Our Team Our Time" might have been hip in 1990, but not in 2006. Only someone that works for a hundred-million-dollar company would think this song was worth bringing to the general public. If the Mets collapse after this great start, I will blame this song and find the jackasses that did it.

Oh, and Victor Zambrano goes tomorrow night, so I’ll still take 10-3.

Yeah, I don't know how to enjoy success.

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