Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: Watch Out Jose Reyes...

...David Wright now has as many triples (2) as you do after last night's game. But it was an off night for our 3rd baseman, as he didn't drive in a run for the first time this season. I guess we'll have to settle for him going 2-for-4 with the aforementioned triple, and once again led some very solid infield defense. The team's defense was certainly the key in the Mets 3 to 1 win--the double play with the bases loaded in the 6th was a thing of beauty, highlighted by the amazing spin-n-split of Anderson Hernandez.

Wright to Reyes to Hernandez--I think that's a combo I could watch for a decade.

Alas, today the five game winning streak will likely end with Victor Zambrano's first game of the year. I'm almost to afraid to put the game on at work--I might hurt my back more by yelling at the 6 walks we're bound to see.

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