Thursday, April 13, 2006

The M&M Mets: Who Needs to Pitch Inside?

So at the begining of the week Major League Baseball warned both the Mets and the Nationals about throwing at each other's hitters. Before last night's game at RFK, Pedro Martinez must have thought to himself, "Well then, if you don't want me to pitch inside, I'll just get all these guys out by using the outside corner--and that spacious centerfield." And that's just what he did. Jose Guillen had nothing to get upset about (well, except grounding into the well executed double play that got Pedro out of a bses-loaded jam). And Carlos Beltran got a workout with all the fly balls to center. (I think at least 8?) Overall, Pedro didn't have his top fastball, but he looked a whole lot more comfortable than his first start.

Oh, and remember that Kaz Matsui guy? Well, he might never come back from rehab in Florida if Willie Randolph has his way, just from what I've gathered listening to Gary Cohen on SNY (don't mean to rub it in Mike) and a lengthy discussion Richard Neer had about second base last night on WFAN. (By the way, Richard Neer is perhaps the most intelligent man in sports talk today. I wish he was on more.) It seems Randolph has had his fill of Matsui, and if Anderson Hernandez hits .240 the next two months, he and his great defense aren't going anywhere.

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