Monday, April 10, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: What Can't This Guy Do?

So the Mets win 3 to 2 over the minor league Marlins, and David Wright drives in all three runs. Seriously, these folks chanting "M-V-P! M-V-P!" at Shea might have something. Watching Wright bat with two strikes in the 7th yesterday, I wasn't uncomfortable. I wasn't tense. I thought to myself, "This guy is going to drive these two runs in." And sure enough, he found a way to do it. Now I don't expect Wright to drive in a run every single game, and I know it's only 5 games so far, but I've just got a different feeling about this team.

Of course, that could change once the first series with the Braves starts next week.

And here's something cool--David Wright has his own blog!

PS: Mike won't be posting that much on the blog the first month or so, since he can't see the damn games! The cable outfit he has up there in the burbs is in the middle being sold to Comcast. Once that sale goes through, SNY will be on his cable and he'll be back up to speed. So I'll also be writing the entries for Pedro's starts until further notice.

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