Monday, April 24, 2006

The Wright and Wrong/M&M Mets Weekend Report: I Still Hate One Guy...

...Victor Zambrano.

Seriously, when he pitches I always pencil in a loss. The team has gone .500 since its 7-1 start, and I blame Zambrano for all of it with his three starts. I can't believe I'm saying this, but if Jorge "Benitez Jr." Julio continues to improve, perhaps it's time to give Aaron Heilman the 4th starter role, move Julio into tighter game situations and DFA Zambrano. He's not going to get better. Everyone knows it. Admit the Kazmir trade was a big debacle and move on.

Other weekend thoughts:
--The 14 inning loss overshadowed one thing--this bullpen held up for a long time. I grow more confident about all the minor parts (Bradford, Oliver, Feliciano).

--Keith Hernandez might want to control himself once in a while. And not call Pedro Feliciano "Jose."

--The 2006 edition of Pedro Martinez is pitching like, well, the 2005 Pedro, except with solid bullpen help for once. Winning 20 games seems like a possibility, and hopefully Pedro won't get wore down by the stretch run.

--Kaz Matsui's inside the park job seems like a long time ago after his striking out with the bases loaded during Sunday's game. He better get hot by the time the Mets are back at Shea, or he's going to be in for it.

--David Wright seems to be working his way out of his mini-slump. I predict a big series from him at Pac Bell, or whatever they call it nowadays.

Road trip continues tonight in San Fran, and I think it's going to be another great start from Tom Glavine. 2 out of 3 would give the team a winning road trip heading into Atlanta, which is key, because we all know that they won't win that series unless Atlanta fields a team with Bobby Cox batting clean-up.

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