Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: Is Victor the bullpen coach?

Victor Zambrano, you just might have caught a break. No longer will you be the worst guy on the 2006 Mets who came via trade. After tonight’s implosion by Jorge Julio (who the Mets received when they dumped the Bensons) fans will likely have a new whipping boy. Victor will be able to hold his head high--at least until he starts on Sunday.

David Wright delivered an RBI early in the game, but came up short when the team was down 5 runs in the 10th but had two guys on and nobody out. And you could tell Wright was pissed he didn’t at least get one guy home. The expression on his face when he got back to the dugout said it all

Oy, this could be another long season if Zambrano (and a hint of Looper) infects the Mets bullpen.

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