Monday, April 17, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: Zambrano, Get Away From Bannister!

WFAN's Howie Rose summed it up best during the 5th inning of yesterday's game: "Brian Bannister's start today has been Zambrano-like." Lots of walks, bases-loaded twice, my head ready to explode from the stress--yup, it was just like every time Victor touches the ball. Yet there was a difference, a very big one. This Bannister kid gets out of these jams, and doesn't get"The Victor Face" when he has to do it. 5 innings and almost 110 pitches--hell, that's Leiter-esque. The game included another ho-hum day for David Wright, 2 for 4, 2 runs scored, still batting way over .400.

9-2. Best start in Mets history. Yet if the Mets are swept by the Braves over the next three games, it will mean nothing. If they win Pedro's and Glavine's starts (I already know Zambrano is a loss Tuesday), 2 out of 3 will put them 6 games up on the Braves already. If they win all three, then I might believe that this start is not a mirage.

And oh, I so want to believe. I really do.

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