Saturday, April 29, 2006

The M&M/W&W Report: On All Cylinders

Being Mets fans, we're trained always look for the negative. But after last night's game and some morning reflection, I can't find anything negative with this big win at Turner Field. Look at the good things that happened:

--Kaz Matsui kept up his offensive and defensive rebirth, especially by saving David Wright another error on a throw to second.

--Pedro Martinez was, well, Pedro-like. Except for the homer by Larry Jones, he was masterful in his duel with John Smoltz.

--David Wright broke out of his slump with two home runs.

--Julio Franco got one of the classiest receptions I've ever seen from Atlanta fans when he pinch hit.

--Billy Wagner's fastball hit 99mph as he got out of a jam to save it in the 9th.

--Jose Reyes and Paul LaDuca did some textbook manufacturing of an extra crucial run in the 9th.

--and finally, Endy Chavez kept making good defensive plays, and avoided the world's largest flying bug during his last at bat.

If Glavine continues his recent resurgence against his old team, this could be a great weekend.

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