Monday, April 17, 2006

TWIB Report: This Webcast is Balky

At this point, I was hoping to post a couple observations to Zisk about my beloved Cubs. While I had to give up my Cubs seasons tickets last fall for my new job in Hong Kong, I had high hopes about MLB's webcasts. A full season of nearly-live broadcasts, be it TV or radio, would stream into my apartment as I pedal away on my bike that's hooked up to a stationary trainer. If I couldn't enjoy Matt Murton's first full season in the bigs, Aramis Ramirez's mashing uppercuts and Derrek Lee's quest to prove he's for real - I swear, last season wasn't a hoax - I could at least follow them on the web.

Well, remember, this is something coming out of an office overseen by Bud Selig. On my Mac, the video starts, stops and sputters ever 3-4 seconds, rendering it unwatchable. Even the radio feed is jittery. Arrgh! Radio, which even the smallest public radio station can stream over the web pretty much flawlessly, but MLB apparently can't at least on my Mac.

I'm trying to get my Dell PC networked this week, so I can stream stuff through there, and hopefully all will be better. But please, if anyone sees Bud Selig this week, please throw your Ibook, your Ipod or any other Apple product at him for me. Not too hard, just enough to draw his attention. That's all I can ask.

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