Thursday, August 03, 2006

The M&M Mets: In Dreams

I knew going into fatherhood that sleep deprevation was an occupational hazzard. It's the odd dreams that have been surprising. Two nights ago I dreamed that Bradon Looper had returned as the Mets' closer. It was frightening. The Mets had a one-run lead and Looper blew it in the bottom of the ninth. And it was realistic, too. I thought I heard Steve, my cohort in Zisk, cursing from faraway Brooklyn. The next night I dreamed that John Franco was back as Mets' closer. It was similar to the previous night's dream--bottom of the ninth, one-run lead--but it was a slow, agonizing victory. Franco put two guys on base before shutting down the Marlins and getting the win. Thank god these things don't happen anymore.

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