Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: Rolaids Anyone?

I'll admit it--I thought that the Mets were going to lose in the 9th inning again. When you hit a pinch-hitting pitcher, things are not going well. I have no idea how Billy "Reverting to Early Season Form" Wagner got Miguel Cabrera to miss the last pitch he threw, but I'll take it.

I am a bit worried about our report namesake David Wright--an O'fer for the series with this many strikeouts is a bit atypical. Thankfully the top 3 in the lineup continue to hit as if every at bat is just another round of batting practice. And how about Aaron Heilman, looking very much like the 2005 edition of Aaron Heilman?

Pedro vs. Dontrelle tonight. I can't think of too many reasons to miss it; actually, I can only think of one this week. This band is one of the few that means more to me than the Mets. I can't wait to act like I'm 22 all over again.

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