Monday, August 28, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: 18 and Counting

This Phillies series seems like a blur to me. I know the Mets won two out of three, but I'm not quite sure how they got there. Friday night was one of those rare weekend evenings where I got to settle in at home, cook a good meal and then go to bed early. I was so tired from events of the previous night that I barely made it through the post game--heck I don't even remember who pitched without looking it up. Saturday I saw the beginning of the Oliver Perez comeback tour, but then I had to leave to catch some rock. Today's rainout makeup I only caught bits and pieces, but enough to think that Shawn Green might be a good fit here.

The magic number is really 18? That's amazing. Onto the home of Kaz next.

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