Sunday, August 20, 2006


What a week for the Mets. Dropping three of four in Philly was unpleasant, but that didn't worry me. Pedro and Otto did.

First, Pedro. In the midst of that ugly first inning earlier in the week, a look flashed across Pedro's face, a look of anger. Carlos Delgado saw it too. He put his arm on Pedro's shoulder. I'd never seen that before. The mound is Pedro's stage. One place he's not supposed to require "it'll be all right"s. I knew he wasn't coming back for the second inning.

Second, Otto. He's one of the custodians at school and he's in a panic about the Mets. His theory is that Xaxier Nady played a bigger role in the Mets' offense than anyone realized and trading him, Nady, is causing things to unravel. I tried to explain that the disappearance of Cliff Floyd this year played a part, too, but Otto would have nothing of my theory.

Yesterday set things right. Granted, to overcome a 4-0 deficit it took a dropped ball, a bobbled ball, a passed ball, and an errant throw--along with a long overdue big night from Lastings Milledge--but the Mets were on top of the Rockies by the count of 7-4 by the end of the game. My favorite scene was Jose Reyes hugging Chris Woodward after they turned a double play. The '06 Mets aren't the wild bunch that the '86 Mets were, but, like a 70s disaster movie, there is a sense with this team that you never know who's going to get hurt next so you may as well try to get along with each other. Affection in the face of adversity. I like it.

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