Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: Like the Hitchhiker's Guide Says...

..."Don't Panic."

Seriously. I waited to post about yesterday's stunning developments just so I could take the pulse of Mets fans. And almost every Mets blog I have read over the past 18 hours looks like it was written by Chicken Little. I'd like to point that there are still two full months left until the end of the season. That is plenty of time to sort out what role everyone will have in the bullpen after Duaner Sanchez's accident; how right field will play out since Xavier Nady was traded to the Pirates for Robert Hernandez and Oliver Perez; and how the starting rotation will shake out and if Tom Glavine will regain his first half form.

Sometimes I want to slap the idiots that post on Mets blogs and tell them to look at the big picture. Looks like I won't be listening to the FAN for a few days--I wouldn't want to punch my radio over the stupidity on the airwaves. The guess here is that this team won't let adversity get them down--it may in fact galvanize them for the remaining 58 games, and into the playoffs.

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