Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: Um, Is It Okay to Feel Conflicted

I missed most of last night's game because I'm presently getting hammered at work with lots of extra duties and some infuriating stupidity. I did get to listen to the last two innings while doing laundry, and hearing Howie Rose's call of Mike Piazza's drive in the 8th inning off Aaron Heilman was conflicted enough to make me think, "Glad I'm not watching this for myself."

A curtain call for an opposing player? Now that's a bit odd.

Pedro being a ground ball machine? That's odd as well, now that you mention it.

Today's game is so wicked early (players must love the camp day games at 12-fucking-10 p.m.) and I'll be so busy that I won't see a bit of it--and I'm glad, since Piazza won't likely start. I don't want to kick myself if I miss him hitting three home runs today.

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