Monday, August 07, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: Dear David...

...Steve from Zisk here.

As you might have noticed, my blog entires this season have been titled after you. It was part of an attempt by myself and my co-blogger Mike to cover the team in a different way--by looking at one favorite player and one not-so-favorite player. Alas, Omar Minaya kept doing a great job by getting rid of the two guys (I'm sure he somehow ripped apart Zambrano's tendon) we planned on writing about, and the team has been so damn good this season that focusing on bad stuff almost seems like nit-picking. And after yesterday's announcement that you signed a six year contract and last night's thrashing of the Phillies with John Maine continuing to put zeros up on the board, Minaya looks even smarter than ever.

So my question is this--can I borrow some of that new bonus money? I have a vacation coming up in September, and I would love to eat as much BBQ and Mexican food as I can. 35-grand should cover it.

Thanks, and I look forward to watching you playing 3rd base until I am 43,


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