Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Slump busters!

Okay, pardon the Ray Parker Jr. reference, but I am happy that David Wright seemed to coming out of his slump last night by going 3 for 4 night with 3 runs batted in. And since Steve Trachsel was on the mound, the Mets had to score tons of runs, allowing some of Keith Hernandez's craziness to rub off on Gary Cohen in the mile high city. I barely had time to scribble down all the gems that rolled by on SNY:

1) "They were those red you-know-what umpires." -- Keith on certain umpires who were hotheads

2) "I'd thought you'd have one first -- you know, you're Keith Hernandez." -- Gary, making a Seinfeld reference when asking Keith about the new CW11 shirts they got for when channel 11 makes the switch to their new network.

3) KH: "You gotta pay attention to me and Ronnie when we're in the booth."
GC: "I do--TOO much, that's my problem."

4) GC: "Pittsburgh is an underrated place."
KH: "For you!!!!"

5) KH: "Is the lighter air getting to you?"
GC: "Are you suggesting my mind is going?"

6) KH: "His follow through looks like a karate kick."
GC: "Well, Byung-Hyun Kim's father was a martial arts instructor. And Kim does have a black belt in Tae Kwan Do."
KH: "With the stronger players today, If I was a pitcher I would take karate so I could drop them."

7) KH: "Did you work out a little too hard today?"
GC: "I might have -- I'm just trying to fill the time between pitches you know."

And lastly, 8) Gary hummed the Jeopardy theme during the 9th inning while Keith looked for some stat.

Bring on more crazy! And 17 more wins!

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