Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Day Games Are Funny

I missed Saturday night's game because I randomly ran into some friends on the streets of Brooklyn and didn't get to see much of today's game due to rehearsal, but wow, they were on fire today. I didn't get to take notes about Keith's trip on the subway after the Saturday game (which he kept saying fans recognized Gary because now they have a face to go with that voice), their pride in perhaps inspiring the presidents to have the numbers of their presidency on the back of their Nationals jerseys, Gary's odd fixation with William Henry Harrison or Gary waking up Keith Sunday morning by clanging hangers.

Again, wow.

--Keith likes Gary's mastery of turning a phrase
(Ryan Church missed the cutoff man, which allowed a Mets runner to advance an extra base. Then they rolled the replay...)
Keith: Well there's the #1 rockhead play of the day. I will keep track today. Boy, these last place teams. He didn't have a prayer of catching him at the plate.
Gary: Not a prayer, on a Sunday, for a guy named Church?
Keith: Oh, you're good.

--Keith is modest
(A replay shows Shawn Green making a nice grab at first)
Keith: I couldn't have done it better myself.
Gary: Oh, you did.
Keith: Well...

--What does friendship mean?
(El Duque hits Austin Kearns in the back as he's running to first, and the Nationals outfielder is called out for running inside the baseline)
Keith: How is that scored?
Gary: 1-3 my friend.
Keith: I'm your friend?

--Keith knows how to party, example #538
(A fan makes a catch in the stands while holding on his bottle of Bud)
Keith: It's hard making a catch with a Budweiser in your hand.
Gary: You say that from personal experience?
Keith: Well, there were times I wished I had a Bud on the field.

Didn't this seem like the lamest 5-1 roadtrip ever? Holy crap, I'm writing like I'm a Yankee fan.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Abraham Lincoln Bobble Head Day.