Tuesday, May 10, 2005

5/10 - Cubs 7, Mets 0

I was amazed to hear on WFAN tonight that this was the first time the Mets have been shutout this year. I had no idea the offense had done that well. I suppose a shutout was unavoidable when the Greg Maddux from 1995 took a time machine to Wrigley Field tonight and decided to pitch in the place of grumpy oldman Maddux of today. When Maddux racks up 10 strikeouts, you know it's not your night.

Speaking of not my night, once again I switched from MSG to the radio when I realized that Keith Hernandez and Fran Healy would be working the middle innings together. They almost make me wish I had been a Time Warner subscriber the past two months, or that wax would magically clog up my ears.

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