Saturday, May 28, 2005

5/27 - Mets 1, Marlins 0

Whatever ailment Pedro Martinez felt in his hip seems to be cured, as the best free agent signing of the past off season once again proved that he's worth every penny. And I'm not just talking about the eight sterling shutout innings he threw or even the incredible curveball that struck out Juan Encarnacion in the seventh inning (which got Encarnacion tossed when he argued with the home plate umpire). It's the way Martinez's joyful personality rubs off on his teammates. These Mets don't mope like they used to. Martinez keeps them loose and laughing and has given this team some positive chemsitry. And it's obvious that when Pedro pitches, his teammates take their games up to a higher level, as if they want to prove that they are worthy of being on the same field. I mean, Mike Piazza even threw out Juan Pierre as he tried to steal second.

Now comes the tough part--the Met killer Dontrelle Willis tonight, Josh Beckett tomorrow.

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