Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Brewing Up a Cold

I couldn't remember what time last night's game against the Cubs started, and I forgot to press 'mute' when I flipped over to the channel guide. Good times ahead...the good TV Guide people were running a bit about Green Day's American Idiot cd, "the first punk rock opera." C'mon, folks, the Minutemen and Husker Du--who beat Green Day to the punch by 20 years--aren't so obscure that they wouldn't surface in even the most basic of fact-checking exercises. And friends wonder why I don't trust the taste-making nexus of TV Guide/Entertainment Weekly/Rolling Stone when it comes to anything?

I did know when the Brewers games started this past weekend, though. A nasty cold reduced me to couch potato status and while Sudafed erased most of the details, this part stuck with me: Victor Zambrano was the most effective Mets starter of the series-- outpitching Glavine (which Helen Keller could do at this point...and she's been dead for years!) and Pedro--and the Mets still took two out of three.

And, in unrelated news, Rickey Henderson, age 46, is back, having signed with the San Diego Surf Dawgs of the Independent Yet Barely Literate League ("Dawgs"? Keep the first draft ideas to yourselves.) Keep in mind that Rickey made his MLB debut back in 1979. Dude's amazing!

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