Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Readin's Swell: The Mets Literacy Program

David Wright: The past two games have been rough for me. I've made costly errors which have diverted attention from the good things I've done, like when I dove into the stands to catch a foul pop up against the Yankees, or when I golfed a shoestring pitch into deep center for a homerun against the Braves. But that's what happens when things are going bad; people overlook the positives.

Jose Reyes: That's right, David, we know that our miscues will draw criticism from the fans. That's part of the game. What hurts, though, is when our charitable efforts off the field go overlooked. That's why we're taking time to promote Readin's Swell, the Mets' new literacy campaign. Every time a Mets player coughs up a routine ground ball, blows a double play, or walks the opposing pitcher...

David: Like Kaz did last night. Man, I've been messing up lately, but that was fugly.

Jose: Fugly?

David: Yeah, fucking ugly.

Jose: Right, well, anytime we make a monumental mistake we want you, the Mets fans, to turn off the TV in disgust and pick up a book. Last night, for example, after I let that ground ball scoot through my legs, my girlfriend read three chapters in Joe Meno's Tender As Hellfire.

David: How is that anyway?

Jose: She loves it. She really digs Meno's ear for dialogue and his ability to make unbelieveable events seem realistic.

David: My girlfriend's about to start his last book, Hairstyles of the Damned. They should call each other next time a Met botches a key play.

Jose: So remember, Mets fans, even when your team's stinking up the tri-state area...

David:...Readin's swell!

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