Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Walkin', Talkin' Pat Buchanan Blues

My wife had a really long, unpleasant day at work yesterday--nothing unusual, just one of those days--and she came home in the mood to watch Fox's "House." I yielded even though I'd watched the Mets game through the sixth inning and was clinging to the tube as they tried to overcome a 1-0 deficit. She flipped back to the game when I returned to the living room and the Mets were up 2-1 and Looper was closing out the ninth. Great news, but I didn't know how they'd come back, so I did what thousands of Mets fans do every day: I went to the Zisk website to get the scoop. I found the scoop but it was written in Japanese! Oy, dios mio, where's the English version, Steve?

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