Tuesday, May 17, 2005

5/16 - Mets 9, Reds 2

Ah, revenge is dish best served...by a pummeling. Who cares that the Yankees will be on the schedule at the end of the week? Obviously Willie Randolph told his team something like this: "Remember how shitty you felt the first three games of the season? Well these are the guys that did it. It's time for some old school Brooklyn payback." This game might as well have been 90 to 2, as the Mets made the Reds look like patsys. Kris Benson was a sharp as he's ever been as a Met; Cliff Floyd launched another bomb; Mike Piazza looked pissed off, and took matters into his own hands by getting a couple of hits; and Kaz Matsui started what one has to hope is a turnaround.

But the best part of the game, by far, was hearing Ralph Kiner in the booth. He was funny (and meant to be funny), had a couple of good observations and generally inserted a bit of chemsitry sorely lacking when just Ted Robinson and Fran Healy call the game themselves. He's on again tonight, so I look forward to watching to hear another great line like this:

"That's the fastest pitch Benson has thrown all night--and it was to first!"

Bless you Ralph, we miss you every day.

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