Wednesday, May 11, 2005

5/11 - Cubs 4, Mets 3

Nothing worse than seeing a well pitched game (Victor Zambrano looked a lot better than Kris Benson did except for one inning--even though I still hate Zambrano--and Mark Prior was, well, Mark Prior) come down to two bad bullpens. Dusty Baker (in the 9th) and Willie Randolph (in the 10th) must have been gobbling down lots of antacids watching a lead, and then the game, get thrown away by relievers they don't know if they can fully trust. Maybe the whispers that many relief pitchers were using steroids to help them recover from back-to-back-to-back days of pitching are true? There just seems to be too many games being blown time and time again by the players that live in innings 7 through 9.

Tomorrow is an off day, so we'll take a look at what the first 35 games of the Mets season have brought us, and what to look for over the next 127 games.

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