Wednesday, May 18, 2005

5/17 - Mets 2, Reds 1

Shea's annual Asian Heritage Hight lived up to it's billing, with Japan's Kaz Ishii and Kaz Matsui teaming up to supply the superb pitching and clutch hitting. Therefore, the next paragraph will be in Japanese:

Ishii はD.L. からの彼のリターンによく見、2 つの歩行しか割り当て、大いによりよい制御を殴打地帯のまわりで示す。そしてMatsui は第7 のクラッチのホームランと来、ダグを促す"私が塹壕の彼に弓に私の名字" Mientkiewicz をその後翻訳するために敢えてする。最後の4 日Matsui はたくさんよりよく彼のを離れてうまく行けばブーイングの鳥を取り戻す版を見を始めた。

(If you'd like a translation, go here.)

The Mets other Asian pitcher, Korean lefty Dae Sung Koo, was a surprise pick to come in at the top of the ninth, even with three lefties ready for him to shut down. Closer Braden Looper got the call when Koo got into a jam with runners on second and first, and Looper looked, well, fucking pissed that he was not brought in at the top of the inning. He blew 97 mph pitches past the last two hitters, even getting his opening day nemesis Joe Randa to fly out. Perhaps this little supposed slight will be what finally kicks Looper back into his 2004 form.

Can we get the brooms out today?

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