Tuesday, May 03, 2005

5/2 - Mets - 5, Phillies - 1

Last night was exactly the kind of game the Mets faithful have been praying for since last winter: Pedro shutting down the opposition and Carlos swatting a game-breaking homerun. It was the kind of game that has right-minded thinkers in the Mets Nation (okay, it's more like the Mets Hamlet, but we're working on it) thinking we can leave mediocrity in the rearview mirror and move up to pretty good. I stayed up far too late watching the game (which started over two hours late because of rain delay) and I got what I was waiting for. Pedro was great--just one run in seven innings--and then Carlos broke open a 1-1 game with a three-run homer in the bottom of the seventh.

There are two things that should not be overlooked, though. One, the Mets tablesetters, Reyes and Matsui, tied the game all by themselves. Reyes singled and then Matsui sent a line drive down the right field line. Going hard and strong all the way, Reyes crashed home with the tying run. Two, the Mets had fun winning. I think it was the top of the sixth when Cliff Floyd made a brilliant sliding catch to end the inning. Pedro was dancing and goofing up a storm as he celebrated. He looked like a fun house mirror reflection (I'm thinking Joe Cocker's reflection for some reason).

And the bullpen held up.

Let us pray.

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