Wednesday, May 25, 2005

5/24 - Braves 4, Mets 0

Any Mets observer can tell you one thing about last night's game: Tom Glavine has never pitched a better game against his old team. And any Mets observer could still have predicted the outcome of Glavine pitching against the Braves: an excruciating loss. We hear at the Zisk blog have not been kind to Glavine this season, but he deserved to win last night's game, he really did. He worked quickly, kept the hitters off balance and even made a great defensive play, throwing out a runner at the plate. But in the 7th a recent trend raised its ugly head -- David Wright misplayed a ball, costing the Mets a double play. And that became crucial, as the Braves ended up scoring three runs that should have never crossed the plate. The headline in today's New York Times sums it up: "Glavine Is Paying the Price for Taking the Mets' Money."

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